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The following pictures represent Art Deco Statues available from us.
They are re-production "bronze and ivory" figures after designs of the 1920's and 1930's by D.H. Chiparus.

These highly decorative statues are available as current production items, produced right here in So. Calif.
They are made of quality bronze material via the "lost wax" process and include legal elephant ivory inserts,
replicating the design of the original statues. Faux (imitation) ivorys are optionally available.

The craftsmanship is comparable to other competitive equivalents if not better in many cases.

The following example pictures are of actual items shipped to customers from recent production.

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Price: $3,900.00

Price: $4,400.00

"Eternal Friends"
Price: $3,900.00

Price: $5,650.00

"Panther Queen"
Price: $

"Exotic Dancer"
Price: $3,900.00

"Russsian Dancers"
Price: $5,400.00

Price: $6,600.00

Price: $6,400.00

"Antinea Exotic Deco"
Price: $5,650.00

"Temple Goddess"
Price: $5,600.00

Price: $4,400.00

"Long Skirt"
Price: $3,800.00

Price: $2,200.00



All statues will have the Chiparus signature incised on the marble base.

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"Favorite"...$1,450.00 "Leotard"..$2,650.00 "Egyptian".....$1,800.00 "Kamorna"......$2,900.00

"Starfish".....$1,800.00 "Long Skirt".......$3,800.00 "Yambo"........$4,800.00 "Tanara".......$3,600.00

"Fan Dancer"......$3,900.00 "Testris"......$2,900.00 "The Sisters".....$3,800.00 "Antinea"....$5,650.00

"Pajama Girl".....$1,600.00 . "The Secret".....$4,400.00 "Golda" ....$1,900.00 "Dourga"....$1,900.00

Potentially interested buyers, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipment.
Shipping costs & insurance according to your specific location.

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