A brief listing of some of the artists featured in our collection.

Marcell Bouraine
A self-taught artist, all of his works are in the style of realism. Bouraine was commissioned for several monumental works, was prevalent in the Art Deco sculptural movement, specializing with female nudes. And, he was very active with ceramics. His works were exhibited in most Parisian salon exhibitions.

D.H. Chiparus
Born in Romania he lived and studied his art in Paris. He was a compulsive and very prolific sculptor. Though his costumed female figures brought him great fame, he also created a large number of beautiful children sculpture. He is considered today, the great master of chryselenphantine Art Deco sculpture. We would say more but there is an entire book available dedicated to him and his work.

C.J.R. Colinet
One our favorites, this lady was born in Brussels and like so many artists, she moved to Paris and became very successful. Unlike many of her contemporaries, her female figures were not stoic and frozen in profile. They were, instead, full figured and energized with strong expressions and generally very dynamically posed.

Max Turner
Born in a mining town of Utah, Mr. Turner has lived his life in the arts. He spent his early years providing art for movie studios, was a sculptor instructor at various colleges and owned his own bronze foundry for many years. All the while he produced many desirable sculptural works. Today Mr. Turner is in demand primarily for commission work and consulting.

Bruno Zack
There is very little history available on the Austrian sculptor. However, his works speak for themselves and show that he was on a different page than most of his competitors. Attempting to purchase one of his larger pieces today will prove to be a very expensive adventure.

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