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When it comes to the decoration of living interiors, what could be more fun than combining a functional requirement, such as lighting, with art worthy and/or fancifully designed objects.

People have been doing it for hundreds of years. Even thousands. True, it can be overdone but for flavor or accent a special piece here and there can make a virtually dreary room come alive. At the very least, a little more interesting.

"Mantle II"

Cobalt blue with a nicely styled female figure embossed on all four sides. Mounted to a polished chrome base. Light projects upward.

O.A. Height: 12"

No. DL 107 C
Discontinued until further notice.

""Flying Thunderbolt""

Dynamic design of flying aircraft. Smooth white globe on chrome mount and black base.
Highly polished aluminum.

O.A. Height: 12"

No. DL 607

"DC 3 "Worlds Fair"

Post Deco polished chrome delight is a real eye grabber and fun to have around. Plus nostalgic aircraft are becoming modern day Deco. Embossed Cobalt Blue Globe.

O.A. Height: 15"

No. DL 102 C

"DC 3 Central"

For more airplane and custom DC 3 assemblies, please
Click Here
to view currently available models.


Nicely styled birds provide that subtle look of Art Deco. Good for a center piece or accent lamp. Bonded White Marble and Tinted. Satin White Globe.

O.A. Height: 17"

No. DL 104
Not Available at this time.

"Exotic Nymph""

Highly polished metal. Cobalt blue shade.
Very Popular.

O.A. Height: 8"
Width: 7"

No. DL 133

"WaterFountain Lamp with Nudes"

Beautiful Art Deco figural lamp with tranquil figures and soft crackle shade lighting affect.

16" wide x 6 3/4" deep x 16 1/4" High

No. DL xxx

"Triple Nymph""

Highly stylized Deco design. Polished aluminum with tall cobalt blue glass.

O.A. Height: 15"

No. DL 150

"Double Dancers"

Deco green, high style, white metal,
two-nude lamp. Crackled satin glass.

O.A. Height: 13"

No. DL 141

"Future Car"

Nicely styled decorative auto lamp expressing speed and future styling from a long past Art Deco period. A very nice accent piece. Cab lights up. Polished aluminum.

O.A. length: 16"

No. DL 159
$139.00 without marble base.

"Pedestal Nude"

Polished aluminum as pictured.
Or, pewter finish. Playful nymph holds small crackle globe.
Small enough to place anywhere.

O.A. Height: 8"

No. DL 148

"Spirit of Modernism"

Beautiful moderne sculpture of a skyscrapper incorporating a nude emerging therefrom.
Available in FA green, polished aluminum or black. Black shade.


No. DL 1121

"Chrome Lamp"

Beautiful moderne lamp design crafted by
"hands on" lathe turning of a specialty metal.
The parts are highly polished,
and then chrome plated.

Measures 18 1/2" high and
by shade width of 12 1/4"

No. DL 111
Not Available at this time.

""Double Globe Nymph"

High Deco look incorporating a stylized nude
seated between two small crackle globes.

Available in FA green or polished aluminum.

Measures 7" high x 10" wide x 5" deep

No. DL 142

Please Note

All items listed in this "Lamp" category are "new production" items.
However, the FrankArt designs, are items currently being produced using original FrankArt molds, now  owned by other manufacturers.

Most other items listed are "new production" after old or vintage items of the past.


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