The Art Deco Statues

Original Production bronze and ivory statuettes made during the early 1900ís are the "Chryselephantine Jewels" of that body of work called Art Deco.

Not all Art Deco statues incorporated the use of ivory. Many of the great pieces were made using solid bronze or other metal. Actually ivory was used partly because it was so inexpensive. Less than bronze in fact. Therefore a composite piece sold for less than a solid piece, originally. Later on when the collectors started dictating demand, the order of value changed and chryselephantine decorative objects became highly desirable.

Elephant  ivory is still used today and in our case we will specify clearly in the item description which material is on the piece.  However, we can also simulate the "ivory look" nicely with other materials which are nearly indistinguishable on an appearance level and that is very appropriate since our items, while very decorative, they are relatively low cost. And furthermore, not meant to be mistaken for "original production" pieces.

Out of country prospects please note;
Even though the ivory used with these statues is legal pre ban, we are not allowed to ship outside the U.S.A. according to regulations.

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"Feather Dancer"
Price: $440.00

"Riding Crop"
Price: $460.00

Price: $3,100.00

"Hat Lady"
Price: $250.00

"Eternal Friends Small"
Price: $2,400.00

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