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This category of bronze sculpture out sells all others by a very large margin. In particular those bunking bronco - rowdy cowboy figures created by Frederick Remington.

His largest volume of works, however, were paintings which he rendered while on various journeys into the new western frontiers during the mid 1800s. He studied this mass migration documenting his impressions on life style events and other activities with an artist paint brush. C.M. Russell was another artist that established a similar body of works.

However later on, around the turn of the century, Remington created about 30 or so bronze statues to further depict the dynamics of the great American cowboy, some American Indians and some soldiers. In recent years these statues in re-production form, have found there way into thousands upon thousands of homes and offices throughout the United States and elsewhere. People like them and they make for a great gift item. Originally only a very small number of each piece was produced and to our knowledge every single one is accounted for.

The original sizes were in a range of 20" to 26" in height. Today re-productions are made in sizes of a few inches to greater than life size. We are offering here at our site "desk top size" pieces that range from 6 to 12" high and now, many other larger sizes, depending on the item. And, we are offering them at prices we believe you will appreciate.

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"Bronco Buster"

"Mountain Man"



"Trooper of the Plains"

"Wicked Pony"



"Buffalo Signal"


"Coming thru the Rye"

"Wounded Bunkie"


"End of the Trail"

"Wooly Chaps"

"Will Rogers"

"Appeal to the Spirit"

"Bronco Twister"


"Smokin Up"

"Buffalo Horse"




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